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Avoid FAILED PAYMENTS from European customers

sell across borders Nov 26, 2022

Are you selling to European customers? Or do you have a digital product/service that you sell online that *might* attract a customer that is based somewhere in Europe (including UK)?


Then there's something really important for you to know to avoid failed payments!


As of October 2022, there's been a major change to payment security measures used by the major banks (no longer supporting version 1 of "3D secure"). This can result in failed payments if you don't have the proper setup through your payment provider! Make sure you look into your settings and contact your payment provider if you are unsure of anything.


If you are using Stripe, it is recommended that you enable this setting in the screenshot (under Settings -> Billing -> Subscriptions & Emails). BUT make sure whatever *platform* you are using Stripe in supports this (I use Kajabi, but you may be using a Wordpress plugin, etc). I've worked with a couple clients this month who had several failed payments in Europe, so I just wanted to share so you can make sure you are set up properly before the holiday sale season!




P.S. the new 3D secure also changes how chargebacks investigations are handled, which *should* result in FEWER chargebacks and an easier process for small business vendors like us to put up a fight against unfair chargebacks (but it's all very new, so we will see if it works out that way)!


In the meantime, if you want some solid, proven strategies to avoid unnecessary refund requests, check out the Really Easy Refund Strategy here. It includes a customisable plug-and-play refund policy (that's LEGAL for doing business online globally), refund-reducing strategies & a refund procedure checklist. And it's all available instantly for a one-time low price because I care about making legal protection affordable for small businesses!

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