Hello, I'm Ama Zbarcea.


I spent nearly 10 years doing lawyer things in legal departments for multinational companies. After starting my own business, I realised that it's so much harder & more stressful when it's your own business on the line. And that was with years of legal experience!


My mission is to help entrepreneurs with all the boring (yet stressful) legal matters that come with starting and running a small business, so they can focus all their attention on what they're best at.


I am a business person - an entrepreneur - just like you. I want to help you run your business and make good decisions, so I'll only speak to you in plain English (never "legalese").


And in case you want to know about the pieces of paper I've earned that say I'm good at what I do...I have a graduate & a postgraduate diploma in English law, and I'm a certified Advanced Practitioner of Contract & Commercial Management.


I also represent Western Europe on the global advisory council for the World Commerce & Contracting organisation (a position I was elected to by my peers).

Success Stories


Although On Your Own Terms is a new business, the founder, Ama Zbarcea, has a track record of delivering impactful, award-winning projects and engaging learning programmes. Check out some of the highlights below!

Transforming great lawyers into fantastic leaders


One of my proudest achievements is a programme called podacademy ("pod" stands for people, operations, & development) which was first created for a big pharma client, but then became a stand-alone programme.

Over the course of 10 months, a cohort of 14 leading lawyers selected through a rigorous application process developed their skills in negotiation, speaking with impact, finance for non-finance professionals, and leading with purpose.

Don't take my word for how awesome it was - watch this 3-minute video to hear from the first cohort!

The programme is award-winning! Our favorites awards are from the Legal Innovation Awards, Corporate Vision Magazine and industry-respected publication The Lawyer. 


Fast, self-service legal support made for business people (no legalese!) 

My very first award-winning project was called i-Legal (not to be confused with "illegal" - the name was simply paying tribute to the great Steve Jobs).

In order to help a small legal team of 15 keep up with demand of supporting a business of over 30,000 employees, we developed a technology-supported way of delivering custom legal documents. No, not one of those "create a ticket" technology nightmares. Something that people actually *wanted* to use.

Check out this 5 minute video that was made after the 1 year pilot! It explain the project and impact on the business.

And the lovely people at the Financial Times agreed we did something great!


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