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The refund request is one of the most dreaded notifications in a small business owner's life. But you know what? It doesn't have to be quite that bad.


I can help you feel confident in your refund policy and your refund STRATEGY.


What in the world is a refund strategy, you ask?

⚡ Having happy customers that don't WANT refunds.

⚡ Having a refund policy that helps you make more sales rather than losing you money.

⚡ Having a consistent, easy-to-follow method for handling refund requests that keeps your stress level low AND has the potential to bring back refunded customers to buy from you again.


There are all achieved through a refund STRATEGY, not just a policy.

Instant access for one low price!



Template Toolbox seriously makes you sleep better at night by letting you create custom legal terms that actually protect *your* business - FAST & EASY!


No one size fits all documents. No highlighted fill in the blank templates.


Here's how it works:

⚡ Answer some questions about your biz (it's easy, like an online quiz)!

⚡ Our proprietary algorithm does all the rest to put together the right legal wording for *your* biz.

⚡ Download your *editable* legal doc!


PLUS, you get access to video walkthroughs covering what document is right for you, how to answer the quiz questions, and even explaining your final document line by line!

12 months unlimited access

I want to help you grow!


Hi, I'm Ama. 👋


After leaving a 10 year career in corporate law, I now work exclusively with entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the boring, annoying, stressful (and yet very important) legal matters that come with starting and running a small business. 


I'm an entrepreneur just like you, so I understand the ambitions and the challenges that come with doing business for yourself.


My mission? To make legal protection accessible, understandable, and affordable to small businesses!


My Story

Just for Small Businesses. Just for you.

There are so many courses, tools, guides and videos out there that teach about business law, contracts and negotiation. But I have seen NONE that focus specifically on the needs of small businesses and the challenges they face.

I put special emphasis on the fact that I don't believe in a "one-size-fits-all" approach, so I always aim to provide personal, customised service to all of my customers.

My goal is to communicate the essentials in a easy-to-understand, practical for small business way because you are a business person, not a lawyer! No bullshit, no legalese. Just the truth and how you can get where you need to go as painlessly as possible.

Looking for top tips on something in particular?  

I'll give you the simple truth to help you close the deal and get that contract signed.  

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